May 27, 2013
So this is for any of you people bored enough to go on this website. Yes, I'm talking to you Rebecca (or Maddy or Cyanna or Sneha). Hi. I hope you've had fun wasting these few minutes on this website. Peace out.

Brussel Sprouts

December 10, 2010

Why do think God made Brussel Sprouts I mean what can they be used for?



July 5, 2010
Why did God invent mosquitos?
       I mean sure they're spiders dinner, but they're the most annoying things on the planet, plus I'm allergic to their bite.
    Maybe he got bored or something, I don't care, mosquitos should all go die in a hole. 

Welcome to Shamas Online

December 17, 2009
Hey guys, 
    Welcome to my new website! My name is Michelle, the bookworm of the shama girls and even though you guys probably already know that, I got really bored, so, I just thought I should post something on my website. 


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